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Saturday, 07 July 2007

Where is Nachingwea?

Nachingwea is a town in Southern Tanzania, East Africa, in the Region of Lindi, in the Diocese of Masasi. Very few tourists visit this part of the country, even Tanzanians hardly know where it is. Nachingwea has a Hospital, a Teacher Training College, three Secondary Schools, eight Primary Schools, a Nursery School and a Day Care Centre. It was one of the centres for the ground nut scheme in the 1950s and has an unused airstrip and an army barracks. The Anglican Parish of St Andrew is linked with St. Andrew’s Church, Stapleford.

How the Link was made.

In 1981 the priest in Nachingwea was a British missionary, Fr. Bill Spencer. He came to Stapleford to visit his friend, the vicar at that time, Colin Davison. Fr. Bill was building up the Church in Nachingwea and establishing churches in the surrounding villages. He asked for Colin’s help, so the first tenuous link between the two parishes was made.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 11 February 2010 )
Food shortages in Nachingwea
Written by Guy Chisholm   
Thursday, 11 February 2010
Food Truck ArrivingThe 2008/9 crop growing season was a disaster in Tanzania due to a failed rainy season, the result was a big increase in food prices, this led to poorer members of society living at near starvation level. Nachingwea suffered with everyone else and in late November Stapleford Link Committee were able to send £4,000, donated by members of the general public, to buy an emergency supply of food.

The Nachingwea Link Committee were able to buy 10,000 kg of maize for distribution to their Mother's Union members who needed assistance to feed their families and a further 3,000 kg to Mr Maluma (a specialist teacher who looks after a class of disadvantaged children) for him to provide food for his class who tend to need extra support. The first distribution took place on 23rd December 2009 but, hopefully, the food supply will provide support until the 2009/2010 crops are available in March/April this year.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 29 April 2010 )